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Bhars - Tapioca texturizers

Alameda Lorena, 1742, C3, Jardins
01424-002 São Paulo


Present on the flag : APEX BRASIL

Press release

  • Put down the bread!

    05 January 2018

    Our Product:

    - Mani Tapioca has no preservatives, humectants or stabilisers. It is a great option for those who want to have a gluten-free, lactose-free and salt-free balanced diet. It is really natural!

    - Our Mani Tapioca can also be considered paleo-diet friendly.

    - Due to the quality standards of the cassava starch selection and the hydration process to transform it in hydrated tapioca, Mani Tapioca has a completely neutral flavor that works with both sweet and savory fillings. Our tapioca is more favorable to please general palates.

    - The granulation of our tapioca is thinner in comparison with the average available in the market which gives better consistency and avoids wasting.

    Our Packing:

    - Mani Tapioca is packaged in a very practical stand-up, zipper bag, in order to provide easy handling and storage.

    - Packing information in 04 languages: PT / EN / ES / FR.

    - With our packing the consumer does not need to transfer the content of the bag to a stockpot, avoiding the wasting and helping the conservation of the product;

    - 500 gr bag: for customers who consume tapioca crepe daily this bag has the exact consumption of a week.

    Our Quality:

    - Tapioca is a very sensitive product and to guarantee that we are delivering a high quality standard product, we invest in external laboratory tests in certified European laboratories;

    - Shelf life: 10 months.

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