"Continental Coffee recommends SIAL"

It is a Paris-based show whilst also enjoying international reach thanks to the SIAL Network. It is perhaps the most important trade event for us.

Continental Coffee Goffaux
Why is Continental Coffee taking part in SIAL Paris?
Henry Goffaux (Managing Director) : Because it is quite simply one of the moste important shows in the world dedicated to the food sector! 

It is a show rooted in Paris whilst also enjoying international reach thanks to the SIAL Network. It is perhaps the most important trade event for us because it attracts a lot of potential clients from the Iberian Peninsula and North Africa.
Indeed, while we always see our existing clients at the show, we also - systematically - meet new clients too.

Is SIAL Paris a good source of inspiration?
H. G. : Yes, of course! Firstly, because visitors often come with new requests and therefore with new ideas. And also because we can find sources of inspiration ourselves from among our competitors. In other words, creation begets creation! 

What is the main advantage of the SIAL Network?
H. G. : Without any hesitation, the wide variety of visitors and exhibitors, together with the very sizeable international contingent.

What has SIAL contributed to your brand?
H. G. : Our participation at SIAL Paris contributes strongly to our visibility and reputation. Why? Quite simply because our main customers attend… and use the opportunity to drop in on us. It is therefore a very significant event in the business calendar of Continental Coffee.

Do you expect to come back to SIAL Paris in 2020?
H. G. : Yes, without a doubt!

And how do you see the future of your sector?
H. G. : The hot drinks sector is constantly changing. At Continental Coffee, we have to anticipate these changes, by emphasising our strengths: quality, price, reactivity, availability and flexibility. This is what customers expect of us today!

At the 2018 edition, to address the changes happening in the food world, there was much talk about taste, truth and meaning. What does this bring to mind for you?
H. G. : This is a reality that we can observe in our work every day at our own level: the world is constantly changing, and every day things are moving faster. There is clearly an acceleration happening. We therefore have to adapt to the new habits and new tastes of our customers and consumers, who are ever more demanding.

About Continental Coffee

Founded in 1994 in India, Continental Coffee offers its customers the finest and richest coffee. And by maintaining the very highest quality standards since its creation, CCL Products Limited has successfully developed to become the world’s largest exporter in private-label instant coffee. Read on to find out more about an exhibitor that is a reference in its sector and uses SIAL to expand its client repertoire that stretches across more than 90 countries.
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