"Bubbling with vitality at Champagne JM GOBILLARD & Fils"

It is an essential exhibition to develop business outside your traditional borders!

Why did your firm take part in SIAL Paris 2018?
Caroline Corlay: We've been growing strongly since the beginning of the 2010’s, which means we have to make extra efforts to keep our champagne at the very highest quality. In recent years, we have repeatedly received awards almost every year in a range of competitions: two Vinalies Internationales Gold medals in 2019. This is a long-term endeavour which requires to keep up our ties with our customers and find new partners. This is where SIAL Paris is an essential event for us!

What do you think are the main strengths of SIAL Paris?
C. C.: From a general viewpoint, it is indisputably an excellent source of inspiration for the food sector. Another key asset is its location in Paris, which is the world capital for gastronomy and helps us to quickly and easily meet very many professionals working in export.

What has SIAL Paris contributed to your Maison?
C. C.: Precisely that: a lot of new export contacts. I can really confirm that it is an essential exhibition to develop business outside your traditional borders!

Do you expect to be back in 2020?
C. C.: Of course we will come back and exhibit in 2020, for the same reasons!

You may have heard that in 2018, SIAL Paris placed the focus in its communications on the notions of “taste, true and meaning”. What does this bring to mind for you?
C. C.: It is a very realistic vision of the food sector of today and the future, alluding to tradition and home-made products, values that are close to our hearts. We are a family-run firm and we produce champagne that offers excellent value for money. And it is hardly by coincidence that the watchwords of Champagne JM GOBILLARD & Fils are passion, dynamism and skill.


About Champagne JM GOBILLARD & Fils

Logo champagne Gobillard
In 1933, Gervais Gobillard decided to create his own business and scraped together his hard-earned savings to buy a hectare of vineyard in Hautvillers, the village of Dom Pérignon. He wanted to be a winegrower and make his own champagne. His son Jean-Marie and wife Françoise then took over the company and extended the family estate. In the 1980s, a new generation moved in and successfully established JM GOBILLARD & Fils among the leading champagne houses. Visit their website

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