Your innovative products under the spotlights

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Are you or do you intend to be a SIAL Paris exhibitor? Will you be exhibiting one or several innovative products? Make sure that they have maximum visibility by registering for SIAL Innovation.

Why take part?

  • Food trends and innovative products @SIALInnovation
    SIAL Innovation 2016

    Food trends and innovative products

    SIAL Paris / MJM Conseil
    Highlight your innovations among professionals from the agri-food sector: mass retail and foodservice buyers, etc.
  • Take advantage of media exposure before, during and after the show
  • Use the SIAL Innovation logo and point-of-sale advertising on your stand
  • Get your products listed in the SIAL Innovation Book, a reference publication for global food innovation
  • If your product receives an award, it will go on a tour of the SIAL exhibitions worldwide (Abu Dhabi, Jakarta, Montreal, Toronto, Shanghai, etc.)

How does it work?

Product selection criteria

  • Innovative characteristics of the product(s)
    Innovative products and global food trends
    SIAL Innovation

    Innovative products and global food trends

  • New benefits for consumers
  • Launched after October 2018 (for the 2020 show)

Four product categories and panels of independent experts

  • Mass market goods
  • Catering and foodservice products and ingredients
  • Semi-processed food products, ingredients and outsourcing solutions
  • Equipment and technologies

Selection of the products

  • Register your innovative products with SIAL Innovation experts
  • Selection Committees, composed of food specialists, make a selection from the products registered
  • SIAL Innovation Awards are given to the most innovative products selected