Cured and salted meats

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Are you looking for distributors capable of developing your cured meat market? Do you want to highlight your innovative products? SIAL Paris will help you to meet buyers from all over the world and to raise your international profile.

Display your cured meats to professionals from distribution

246 exhibitors displayed cured and salted meats at SIAL Paris 2014
Cured meats

246 exhibitors displayed cured and salted meats at SIAL Paris 2014

SIAL Paris / MJM Conseil

An exhaustive array of cured meats is exhibited at SIAL Paris: cooked ham, cured, ready-cooked cured meats, regional specialties, salted, smoked and/or dried meats, and more.

  • 246 exhibitors*
  • 90% were international*
  • Italy and Spain: more than 50% of the offer*

Is your cured meat innovative? Highlight it thanks to SIAL Innovation

Innovative products and global food trends
SIAL Innovation

Innovative products and global food trends

The SIAL Innovation Observatory reveals the show’s innovative offering and analyses consumer trends. Seen by 2 visitors in 3!

  • 80% of the participating companies highlighted the strategic role of SIAL Innovation to promote their products
  • 18 products in the sector were entered for the 2014 session*

A few examples of new Cured Meats selected in 2014

  • Le Jambon bien élevé Brocéliande by COOPERL ARC ATLANTIQUE / BROCELIANDE (FR): Ham made from French pigs raised with no antibiotics and fed without GMOs
  • Lard velvet sauce by GIGI IL SALUMIFICIO S.r.l. / GLI INDISPENSABILI (IT): Seasoned lard cream to cook or to spread
  • Turkey Carpaccio by NATURIA EMQUES (ES): Flavoured

The following attended SIAL Paris in 2014

2014 exhibiting companies included

Beretta (IT), Berni (FR), Casademont (ES), Charcuterie Vendéenne (FR), Citterio (IT), Comapa 2001 (IT), Consorzio Del Prosciutto Di Parma (IT), Consorcio Del Jamon Serrano (ES), Consortium Du Jambon De Bayonne (FR), Cooperl Arc Atlantique (FR), Detry (BE), Dobbels Meat (BE), Georges Thiol (FR), Henri Raffin (FR), H & E Reinert (DE), Gigi Il Salumificio (IT), Jomi (IT), Leoncini (IT), Loste Grand Saloir (FR), Noel Alimentaria (ES), Olinesa ltd (BG), Revisan (ES), Sacor – Bastides Salaisons (FR), Raspini (IT), Salumificio Sorrentino srl (IT),Tarczynski (PL), Volys Star (BE)…

Who are the buyers who come especially for you at SIAL Paris?

  • 13% come mainly for cured meat products*
  • 51% come from retail industry*
  • 71% are international* 
  • 88% satisfaction rate*

*2014 figures - source visitors’ survey for 2014

The following attended SIAL PARIS in 2014

51% des acheteurs charcuterie viennent du secteur de la distribution
Who visits the Cured and Salted Meat sector?

51% of buyers come from the distribution sector

Aeon (JP), Ahold (NL), Aldi (DE), Auchan (FR), Bigard Distribution (FR), Hugo Desnoyer (FR), Carrefour (FR), Casino (FR), Costco (US), Edeka (DE), Grande Boucherie du Molard (CH), Halles d’Auchan (FR), Leclerc (FR), Lidl & Schwarz (DE), Metro (DE), Rewe (DE), Safeway (US), Seven & I (JP), Target (US), Tesco (GB), The Kroger (US), Wal-Mart (US), Wesfarmers / Coles (AU), Woolworths (AU

Gain record-breaking visibility and take advantage of SIAL Paris

  • More than 50 worldwide promotional agents, covering 80 countries
  • 6 press conferences in France and in 20 other countries
  • 500,000 invitations distributed, 20 postal and e-mail campaigns segmented by target (retail, foodservice, agri-food, fresh produce purchasers, wine buyers, etc.)
  • A strong presence on the social networks
  • 1,500 journalists present for the 5 days of the show*
  • More than 6,500 media spin-offs (press/radio/TV) in France and worldwide
  • Considerable political mobilisation: 120 official delegations, 4 French ministers, 22 foreign ministers and 70 ambassadors*… with a stronger mobilisation in 2016 as the show will open on the WORLD FOOD Day (by UN)

In addition to overall exhibition promotion, take advantage of sector-specific communication thanks to a large-scale media plan.

700 appearances in more than 400 on- and off-line media in France and worldwide (42 countries) including: Rayon Boissons (FR), Beverage Manager (DE), Drink’N Food (IT), LSA (FR), Largo Consumo (IT), Rundschau Für Den Lebensmittelhandel (DE), Linéaires (FR) Distribucion Actualidad (ES), Market Zoom (GR), Check Out (IE), Supermarket News (NZ), Dunya Gida (TR), The Grocer (GB), Neorestauration (FR), L’Hôtellerie Restauration (FR), Catering (BE), Caternews (ES)...

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