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Are you looking for distributors capable of developing your organic food market? Do you want to highlight your innovative products? SIAL Paris will help you to meet buyers from all over the world and to raise your international profile.

Display your organic products to professionals from distribution

751 exposants ont présenté des Produits Biologiques au SIAL Paris 2014
Produits biologiques

751 exposants ont présenté des Produits Biologiques au SIAL Paris 2014

SIAL Paris / MJM Conseile

An exhaustive array of organically grown or raised foodstuffs is exhibited at SIAL Paris: beverages, dairy products, food supplements, frozen foods, fruit and vegetables, grocery products, ingredients, meat, poultry, seafood, sweet foods, and more.

  • Is your organic food product innovative? Highlight it thanks to SIAL Innovation 155 exhibitors* among whom the satisfaction rate expressed was 92%*
  • 89% were international companies*
  • New since 2016! A dedicated Village for Gluten-free products
Innovative products and global food trends
SIAL Innovation

Innovative products and global food trends

The SIAL Innovation Observatory reveals the show’s innovative offering and analyses consumer trends. Seen by 7 visitors in 10!

  • The participating companies highlighted the strategic role of SIAL Innovation to promote their products.
  • 90% of the exhibitors in the sector exhibit new products*.

A few examples of new Organic Foods selected in 2016

2016 Major Health & Natural Foods Price:
  • ICI&LA - LE BOUCHER VERT’s steaks and leguminous balls (FRA): Organic meat substitute made with leguminous vegetables, rich in nutrients Protein source. High in fibre. 100% plant-based. For frying or baking in a traditional oven.
  • MARKAL / BIO IDEA’s leguminous pasta (FRA): Organic gluten-free pasta made from leguminous flour.
Examples of products selected in 2016:
  •  Eco Wafers with Addition of ilk Thistle / BioffelI de PLANET FOOD SP. Z O.O. SP. K. (POL) : Organic milk thistle wafer. Source of fibre. Low in fats. European organic certification.

The following attended SIAL Paris in 2016

2016 exhibiting companies included

Vitagermine (FRA), Biolab (FRA), ALB-GOLD Teigwaren (DEU), Organic Food Manufacturing (USA), Nature & moi (FRA), Biotea (ITA), Huilerie Emile Noel (FRA), Colorexa Quinoa (USA), Jean Hervé (FRA), Mengazzoli (ITA), Léa Nature (FRA), Tradin Organic (NLD), Micronutris (FRA), Frombio (FIN), Maya Gold Organic (NLD), Biomega (AUT), Radical Organic (PHL), IO Italian Organic (ITA), Herbal Med Organic (UKR), BOS Organic Ice Rooibos (ZAF),...

Who are the buyers who come especially for you at SIAL Paris?

  • 91% of visitors interested in this sector were satisfied*
  • 7 out of 10 people who visited this sector as a priroity, have decision-making powers when it comes to purchases*

* 2016 figures - source: 2016 Visitor Survey 

They visited SIAL Paris in 2016

Aeon (JAP), Ahold (NLD), Albert Heijn (NLD), Aldi (DEU), Amazon (USA), Auchan (FRA), Biocoop (FRA), Carrefour (FRA), Casino (FRA), Costco (USA), Delhaize (BEL), Edeka (DEU), La vie claire (FRA), Leclerc (FRA), Lidl International (DEU), Metro (DEU), Naturalia (FRA), Rewe (DEU), Seven Food (JAP), Tesco (GBR), The Kroger (USA), Wal-Mart (USA), Coles (AUS), Woolworths (AUS).

Gain record-breaking visibility and take advantage of SIAL Paris

En moyenne, les exposants de Produits Biologiques ont accueilli en 2014 sur leur stand 219 contacts, dont 82 nouveaux contacts
Meeting new prospects

In 2014, exhibitors of Organic products welcomed an average of 219 contacts on their stands

  • Plus de 50 agents de promotion internationale couvrant 80 pays
  • 40 conférences de presse internationales 
  • 500 000 cartes d’invitation distribuées, 25 campagnes de mailing et d’emailing segmentées par cible (distribution, restauration, agroalimentaire, acheteurs frais, acheteurs vin, etc….)
  • Forte présence sur les réseaux sociaux
  • 2 685 journalistes présents sur les 5 jours du salon *
  • Plus de 6 500 retombées média (presse /radio/télé) en France et à l’international
  • Une forte mobilisation politique : 125 délégations officielles, 16 Ministres étrangers, 70 ambassadeurs… Et en plus de la promotion globale réalisée autour du salon, bénéficiez d’une communication spécifique au secteur, grâce à un plan media de grande envergure.

In addition to overall exhibition promotion, take advantage of sector-specific communication thanks to a large-scale media plan.

800 mentions in more than 450 on and off-line media, in 40 countries: Ein Herz für Bio (DEL), LSA (FRA), Linéaires (FRA), Grocery Headquarters (USA), Retail World (AUS), The Grocer (GBR), Largo Consumo (ITA), Gondola (BEL), Food Magazine (NLD),... Food service: Neorestauration (FRA), L’Hôtellerie Restauration (FRA), Catering (BEL), Caternews (ESP), …

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