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Are you looking for distributors capable of developing your meat market? Do you want to highlight your innovative products? SIAL Paris will help you to meet buyers from all over the world and to raise your international profile.

Display your beverage products to professionals from distribution

Meat products are displayed in SIAL Paris

Meat products are displayed at SIAL Paris

SIAL Paris / MJM Conseil

An exhaustive array of meat of all types is exhibited at SIAL Paris: beef, lamb, mutton, pork, veal and horse (carcass, vacuum-packed fresh meat and muscle, fresh meat packed in portions, fresh minced meat, tripe and offal, etc.).

  • 650 exhibitors showcased their ranges of meat products*
  • 90% were international exhibitors* 

Is your product innovative? Highlight it thanks to SIAL Innovation

Innovative products and global food trends
SIAL Innovation

Innovative products and global food trends

The SIAL Innovation Observatory reveals the show’s innovative offering and analyses consumer trends. Seen by 7 visitors in 10!

  • The participating companies highlighted the strategic role of SIAL Innovation to promote their products.
  • 33 meat products selected in 2016*.

SIAL Innovation Award 2016

  • PUIGRENIER’s Cave à Viande (The Meat Cellar) (FRA): Meat matured for a minimum of 21 days in a cold storage room, using a well-established butcher’s method. French meat. In a wooden box with cooking instructions. High-quality vacuum packaging.

A few examples of new Meat selected in 2016

  • Chicken Masters of Belgium’s [email protected] (BEL): Meat on a spit for kebabs, ready to cook. 3 sauces included: Andalusian, cocktail and garlic.
  • BODIN La Volaille Biologique / BODIN BIO / LE PICOREUR’s simmered meat (FRA): Organic gluten-free simmered meat in an individual stand-up bag. Poultry preparation cooked in sauce. Takes 10 minutes to cook in a bain-marie, or 8 minutes to fry. French poultry European and AB certification.

The following attended SIAL Paris in 2016

2016 exhibiting companies included

In 2014, exhibitors in the meat sector welcomed an average of 263 contacts on their stands

In 2014, exhibitors in the meat sector welcomed an average of 263 contacts on their stands


ABIEC (BRA), Abp-Food Group (IRL), Agrosuper (CHL), Allanasons (IND), Al-Quresh Exports (IND), Apex (BRA), Belgian Meat Office (BEL), Board Bia / Irish Food Board (IRL), Bernard-Jean Floc’h (FRA), Camara Paraguaya de Carne (PRY), Canada Pork International (CAN), Carniques Juia (ESP), Centrale de Carnes Madrid (ESP), Charal (FRA), Chevideco (BEL), Cedro (FRA), Combinatie Teusen V.D.Hengel (NLD), Damien De Jong (FRA), Danish Crown France (DNK), Detry (BEL), ESS FOOD (DNK), Eblex (GBR), Josefa Manufacturing (MLT), Giraudi Meats (MCO), Groupe Bigard (FRA), HCC Meat Promotion Wales (GBR), Interbev (FRA), Inalca (ITA), Hungary Meat Kft (HUN), Instituto Nacional de Carnes ( URY), Jbs (BRA), IPCVA (ARG), Jestin (FRA), Marfrig Alimentos (BRA), Meat And Livestock Australia (AUS), Northern Ireland Naturally (GBR), Nowaco (DNK), Parker-Migliorini Int (CHE), Patel (ESP), Quality Meat Of Scotland (GBR), Rivasam (ESP), Sudambeef Trading (URY), Toni-josep Carnicas S.L. (ESP), Vandrie Group (NLD), Vestey Foods Group (GBR), Vitelco BV (NLD), Zwanenberg Food Group (NLD),…

Who are the buyers who come especially for you at SIAL Paris?

  • 90% of visitors interested were satisfied*
  • 8 out of 10 people who visited the meat sector as a priority, have decision-making powers when it comes to purchases.

* 2016 figures - source: 2016 Visitor Survey

The following attended SIAL Paris in 2016

Aeon (JAP), Ahold (NL), Albert Heijn (NLD), Aldi (DEU), Auchan (FRA), Bigard Groupe (FRA), Carrefour (FRA), Casino (FRA), Costco (USA), Edeka (DEU), Auchan (FRA), Leclerc (FRA), Lidl International (DEU), Metro (DEU), Rewe (DEU), Safeway (USA), Seven Food (JAP), Tesco (GBR), The Kroger (USA), Wal-Mart (USA), Coles
(AUS), Woolworths (AUS).

Meat at SIAL Paris: 19% of buyers come primarily to visit this sector
Meet buyers

19% of buyers come primarily to visit this sector


Gain record-breaking visibility and take advantage of SIAL Paris

  • More than 50 international promotional agents covering more than 80 countries
  • 40 international press conferences
  • 500,000 invitation cards sent out, 25 mailshot campaigns and email campaigns segmented according to target (distribution, food services, agro-foods, fresh produce purchasers, wine purchasers, etc.)
  • Strong presence on the social networks
  • 2,685 journalists in attendance over the five days of the show*
  • More than 6,500 mentions in the media (press/radio/TV), both in France and abroad
  • Significant political interest: official delegations, 16 overseas ministers, 70 ambassadors

In addition to overall exhibition promotion, take advantage of sector-specific communication thanks to a large-scale media plan.

800 mentions in more than 450 on and off-line media, in 40 countries: Fleischmarketing (DEL), Eurocarni (ITA), Maso (CZE), Rungis Actualités (FRA), LSA (FR), Linéaires (FRA), Eurocarne (ESP), Grocery Headquarters (USA), Retail World (AUT), The Grocer (GBR), Largo Consumo (ITA), Gondola (BEL), Food Magazine (NLD),...

Food service: Neorestauration (FRA), L’Hôtellerie Restauration (FRA), Catering (BEL), Caternews (ESP), …

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