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Are you looking for distributors capable of developing your seafood market? Do you want to highlight your innovative products? SIAL Paris will help you to meet buyers from all over the world and to raise your international profile.

Display your products to professionals from distribution

98 exhibitors displayed Seafood products at SIAL Paris 2014Stockfood

An exhaustive array of seafood is exhibited at SIAL Paris: Fish, molluscs, fresh crustaceans, preserves and semi-preserves, ready-prepared dishes, frozen products, marinades, spreadable products, rillettes, terrines, soups, sushi, surimi, delicatessen products, fresh products, etc.

  • 211 exhibitors*
  • 84% were international companies*
  • More than 4 out of 5 exhibitors prefer SIAL Paris to other show in the sector*
  • 85% if visitors interested in this sector would recommand SIAL Paris.

Is your product innovative? Highlight it thanks to SIAL Innovation

Innovative products and global food trends
SIAL Innovation

Innovative products and global food trends

The SIAL Innovation Observatory reveals the show’s innovative offering and analyses consumer trends. Seen by 7 visitors in 10!

  • Participating companies highlighted the strategic role of SIAL Innovation to promote their products
  • 12 seafood products selected in 2016*

SIAL Innovation Award 2016

LE BONTA’ / NUOVA TERRA’s Organic Seaweeds (ITA): Biological algae that are high in protein, fibre, minerals and vitamins. Easy-to-use in the kitchen

A few examples of new seafood selected in 2016

  • DARDANEL ORIENTAS’ DARDANEL SPECIALLY STUFFED STERILIZED MUSSELS (TUR): Stuffed sterilised mussels to be eaten directly from their trays. To be kept at room temperature.
  • ALGUES DE BRETAGNE / GLOBE EXPORT’s algae salad (FRA): Algae salad kombu in individual trays with fork included. Low calorie content.

The following attended SIAL PARIS in 2016

2016 exhibiting companies included

In 2014, Seafood exhibitors welcomed 165 contacts on average per standStockfood

Acope (PRT), Borelli (ITA), Cipal (FRA), Cie des Pêches de St Malo (FRA), Estonian Association of Fisheries (EST), GELPEX Alimentos Congelados (PRT), Herrero Marinesca Conservas (ESP), Huitres Cadoret (FRA), JSC ICECO (LTU), Karavela (LVA), Lugrade (PRT), Labeyrie Fine Food (FRA), Maldives Fisheries Promotion Board (MDV), Miceli (FRA), Parcs Saint Kerber (FRA), Union of Latvian Fish Processing Industry (LVA), Xunta de Galicia - Conxellaria Do Mar (ESP),…

Who are the buyers who come especially for you at SIAL Paris?

  • 91% of visitors interested in this sector were satisfied*
  • 7 out of 10 who visited this sector as a priority, have decision-making powers when it comes to purchases*
  • 94 % of visitors who visited this area as a priority would recommand SIAL Paris ?

*2016 figures - source: 2016 Visitor Survey 

The following attended SIAL Paris in 2016

Aeon (JAP), Ahold (NLD), Albert Heijn (NLD), Aldi (DEU), Amazon (USA), Auchan (FRA), Carrefour (FRA), Casino (FRA), Costco (USA), Delhaize (BEL), Edeka (DE), Grand Frais (FRA), Auchan (FRA), Leclerc (FRA), Lidl International (DEU), Metro (DEU), Rewe (DEU), Seven Food (JAP), Tesco (GBR), The Kroger (USA), Wal-Mart (USA), Coles (AUS), Woolworths (AUS).

Gain record-breaking visibility and take advantage of SIAL Paris

  • More than 50 worldwide promotional agents, covering 80 countries
  • 40 international press conferences 
  • 500,000 invitations cards, 20 mailshot camapaigns and email campaigns segmented according to target (distribution, food services, agro-foods, fresh produce purchasers, wine purchasers, etc.)
  • A strong presence on the social networks
  • 2, 685 journalists in attendance over the 5 days of the show *
  • More than 6,500 mentions in the media (press/radio/TV) both in France and abroad.
  • Significant political interest: official delegations, 16 overseas ministers, 70 ambassadors*… 

In addition to  overall exhibition promotion, take advantage of sector-specific communication thanks to a large-scale media plan.

800 mentions in more than 450 on- and off-line media in 40 countries: Il Pesce (ITA), Suisan Times (JPN), Produits de la Mer (FRA), Rungis Actualités (FRA), LSA (FRA), Linéaires (FRA), Grocery Headquarters (USA), Retail World (AUT), The Grocer (GBR), Largo Consumo (ITA), Gondola (BEL), Food Magazine (NLD),…

Food service: Neorestauration (FRA), L’Hôtellerie Restauration (FRA), Catering (BEL), Caternews (ESP), …

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