Do's and don'ts
SIAL Paris

5 minutes for a successful SIAL Paris

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On the menu: All the ingredients to help you stand out... And get the best from your time at the exhibition!

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Before the show 

Invite your current and future customers

  • Why is it important? Because if you don’t, your competitors will… So, get going! 
  • Our job is to get visitors to come to the show and your job is to get them to come to your booth. How? By actively communicating with them, like we are doing with this guide! 
  • Use our matchmaking tool in the official show phone app, available for download from all stores. Why is it a good tool? You can find buyers / suppliers at the show and plan your appointments in advance!

During the show

Stand out as much as possible 

  • Use active advertising which is both brief and direct
  • Use skilled staff who can easily explain your products 
  • Create a clear and precise schedule so that there is always someone at your booth
  • Announce your events on the exhibition’s programme via your Exhibitor platform 
  • Create a strong voice on social media! Always add new contacts on LinkedIn
  • Prepare at least one press release for the Press Lounge (Hall 6) to give to the media

After the show 

Now you can reap the benefits

  • During the week after the show, send a message of thanks to all your visitors
  • Keep up your presence on social media
  • Share your impressions with the SIAL team by answering the satisfaction survey. Our objective? Improve the next SIAL Paris exhibition

How to behave in Europe in general and at SIAL Paris in particular


When first meeting, a few words in the person’s language are always appreciated. English and French are the two official languages at the show.

Shake the hands of the people you meet and look them in the eye when you are talking... It indicates respect and consideration.

Dress formally and behave professionally throughout your conversation; this will encourage the person to trust you.

Europeans believe strongly in commitment. If you say you will do something, it is important you go through with it. If you do not, your actions may discredit you and hinder any future business. Formalising any discussions with a contract is common practice.

It is important to treat men and women with the same respect. Sexual equality is the norm in Europe.

You should also respect a company’s internal hierarchy.

For business meetings, punctuality is extremely important. If you think you are going to be late, let the person know!

In south European countries, you need to take your time when talking. Getting to know each other is often necessary to create a relaxed, friendly atmosphere before getting down to business.


Use the familiar “Tu” form too quickly… When speaking French, only use “Tu” after you have met the person a few times!

Ask too intrusive questions... If you would like to ask more personal questions, do it carefully.

Stand too close to the person at the first meeting... This can be very badly perceived.

Talk about personal subjects… Avoid talking about sensitive subjects as far as possible (politics, religion, money...) as this may make the other person uncomfortable.

Gifts are unnecessary... and can often raise questions about your intentions.

Do's and don'ts