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The SIAL Innovation awards reward exhibitors with a promising, particularly innovative ideas

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Registration deadline - Aug. 26th 2022

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Innovation is everywhere in the aisle of SIAL.

The exhibitors are not lacking in re-invention and are bringing a new wind to the various markets. To bring out the French exhibitors, the internationals, the pavilions compete at SIAL Innovation. Pickling juice, activated carbon, cannadibiol (CBD) or discoveries on protein substitutes, Blockchain etc... are some of the innovations that will be at the heart of the event and at the heart of SIAL Innovation if you compete. 

  • 2355 presented products

  • More than 800 selected product, including 174 food services

  • 3 award winners

Why Participate ?

This SIAL INNOVATION competition is highly expected by exhibitors at the Show, as obtaining a trophy represents a real boost in the life of the winning companies by offering them high visibility and numerous contact opportunities.
By presenting its products at the SIAL Innovation competition, the exhibitor, if selected, ensures maximum visibility before, during and after the show.

Since 1996, SIAL Innovation is well attended by journalists who are eager to learn about the new products presented at SIAL Innovation.
Selected exhibitors will be able to use the "SIAL Innovation" logo, which ensures them a form of recognition in the sector. Their products will be highlighted in the online list of exhibitors.
Moreover, if they win, their products will travel throughout the SIAL network: Jakarta, Canada, China, USA and India. They will be displayed in a showcase with the exhibitor's contact details.

Criteria to participate

The operation is reserved to exhibitors (individual or members of a group that has signed up as registered exhibitors) at SIAL Paris 2020, who may present one or more products, each of whom must comply with following criteria:

  • Must provide edible food product for the food processing industry.
  • All participants should declare and guarantee that they own the intellectual property rights relating to the product presented or, have been duly authorized by the owner of the intellectual property rights relating to the presented product for the competition.
  • Participants shall guarantee that their products comply with the legislation of the original country or the country in which they are located.

The selection committee made of expert professionals in innovation and food industry will deliberate and keep you informed of their decision by email.

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Selection stages

From 24th Janurary to 26th August 2022, SIAL opens a platform dedicated to exhibitors interested in registering for this international competition. Here they can declare their innovative products.
These products are submitted to an expert Selection Committee led by SIAL's partner, XTC, and then to a Grand Jury from the sector who will nominate the most innovative products in their category.

It is important that exhibitors register as soon as they book their stand so that the products can be selected by the Selection Committee on a run-of-the-mill basis. Selection Committee dates: March 25th, April 21st, June 2nd, July 1rst, July 21st, and the last Committee on August 30th 2022. The results of the winners will be announced at the ceremony on the first day of the show, Saturday 15th October 2022.

The jury
They are comprised by an independent jury of experts from food industry worldwide
  • Shall examine the innovative qualities specific to products, even if they are not finalized (test to launch phase)
  • Shall judge as a priority the relevance of whatever new benefit the product offers the consumer / or the industry (merchandising, packaging, recipe, technology, etc...)
  • Shall award top prizes to the products that they considered as the most innovative of all products selected
  • They are the sole parties authorized whether or not to select the products presented for the operation; their decision shall be the final

Nicolas Trentesaux

SIAL Network General Director

Audrey Ashworth

SIAL Paris Director

Picture Xavier Terlet
Xavier Terlet

Protéines XTC General Director

New jury members

Coming soon


We won the SIAL Silver Medal in the Delicatessen category, but what I didn’t know was that a SIAL d’Or gold medal was to be awarded in the “Grand Prix” category. And Les Twists won it! Receiving recognition as the best innovation out of more than 1,000 innovations from dozens of countries was a blessing. Without a doubt one of the proudest moments of my career!Claude Sebban
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We were taking part in SIAL for the first time, barely a year after the creation of Prêt à Pousser. It was a genuine surprise to win the Grand Prix for our mushroom kit. You have to remember that we were a very small young company at the time, and the product had only been on the market for a few months. Lucie Poncet
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“Thanks to SIAL and to the huge boost that this award has given us, we have gained access to cordon bleu restaurants. We have also made a name for ourselves, thanks to a lot of media interest in our products and our company.” Today, the black garlic from the Nord is sold in 17 countries, and can also be found at Rungis, the famous international food market on the outskirts of Paris.Eric Potdevin
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“This was when we really entered a new dimension by winning the competition. Suddenly we became well-known by professionals in France and abroad thanks to the huge visibility platform offered by SIAL and the media coverage”Emmanuel Plisson et Benoît Brehier
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Our silver medal has given us genuine visibility, in terms of our products – our dried mushroom mills, and our petit polenta and petit quinoa for slicing. Sales literally took off, giving these innovations a huge boost in store. This exceptional visibility ultimately fed through to the entire brand. In the end, I’d say that this award has enabled us to get on the radars of a great many professionals who came to the show looking for inspiration.Antoine Wassner
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Claude Sebban
Claude Sebban
Lucie Poncet
Lucie Poncet
Press relations manager/ PRÊT A POUSSER
Eric Potdevin
Eric Potdevin
Emmanuel Plisson / Benoît Brehier
E. Plisson & B. Brehier
Co-founders / HARI&CO
Antoine Wassner
Antoine Wassner

Submit your products at SIAL Innovation 2022

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