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Regularly at the spearhead of food innovation and in the food industry news, SIAL, focusing on the major challenges faced by the sector, launched SIAL TV in 2012, with a conference cycle, debates, round table talks, and interviews at the heart of the exhibition.

A true discussion arena to share ideas and gather information on major issues: sustainable development, producer/retailer relationships, food, nutrition–health–well-being, sourcing of raw materials, new consumer habits and behaviour in France and worldwide.

And now on SIAL TV

A conference cycle, debates, round table talks, and interviews at the heart of the exhibition

At the SIAL TV studio, guests and speakers helped write the story of SIAL Paris 2018, touching on everything from food marketing and alternative food, to French, European and worldwide gastronomy… The aim? To clarify and inspire.

Phil KAFARAKIS, Xavier TERLET, Céline LAISNEY, Anne-Florence SATTONNAY, Gilles TISSERAND, Gilles TRYSTRAM, Dina NIKOLAOU, Romain GICQUEL, Laurent LACHAZA - experts in science, business, social issues and international relations – have been there to generate new ideas
Large groups and start-ups, including Tetra Pak, Disney Tous en Forme Program, La Popote Compagnie, la French Tech… have been present for debates, round table talks and to share good practice
And XTC World Innovation, Kantar TNS, Gira Conseil, Alimavenir also provided reports and analyses to shine extra light on both the market and new innovations.

Replay 2018 SIAL TV programm 

A cycle of conferences to examine the future

  • « Food and trends around the world: demand and supply » Watch the video
  • « Industrial food companies: develop  your business with Augmented and Virtual Reality » Watch the video 
  • « The chef is an artificial intelligence » Watch the video
  • « Seaweed, insects, plant proteins: what are the new sources of protein to feed tomorrow's world? » Watch the video

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SIAL TV 2018
SIAL TV 2018