SIAL Innovation reveals innovative food products

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Food innovation is dynamic and new products emerge every day. SIAL Innovation selects the most innovative products displayed for you by SIAL exhibitors. 

You want to know everything about SIAL Innovation 2016?

In 2016, SIAL Innovation has met with great success: 2,189 products were entered for examination by the expert juries in 4 product categories:

  • Consumer Goods
  • Food Ingredients
  • Catering & Foodservice
  • Equipment & Technologies

The best products among those selected from the different categories received special recognition:

  • SIAL Innovation Awards by product category
  • Special recognition for the 3 best innovations with Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards

Product selection criteria

  • Innovative products and global food trends
    Innovative characteristics of the product(s)
  • New benefits for consumers
  • Launched after October 2014 (for the 2016 show)

Four product categories and panels of experts

  • Mass market goods
  • Catering and foodservice products and ingredients
  • Semi-processed food products, ingredients and outsourcing solutions
  • Equipment and technologies

Selection of the products

  • Exhibitors register their innovative products with SIAL Innovation experts
  • Selection Committees, composed of food specialists, make a selection from the products registered
  • SIAL Innovation Awards are given to the most innovative products selected.

SIAL Innovation 2016 key figures

  • 11 Awards in different product categories
  • 1 Award – Food Ingredients 
  • 1 Award – Equipment & Technologies
  • 2 Awards by buyer targets (retail and foodservice)
  • 2,189  products entered
  • 552 innovations selected
Observatoire SIAL Innovation 2018
Observatoire SIAL Innovation 2018

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