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#FOOD LAB 2030

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Travel to the future through our immersive tunnel! 

An immersive tunnel where visitors were able to explore 4 topics of the major food trends of 2030, in partnership with AlimAvenir, a consultancy firm specialized in forecasting studies.

On show:

  • What alternative proteins?
  • Food and health: towards personalised products?
  • Robots and artificial intelligence: who will be chef tomorrow?
  • Transparency and traceability are a must

Download the study

This tunnel had featured some futuristic scenarii worthy of some TV show episodes! Videos, 3D holograms, digital mapping, graphics, 2030 ads… live the future for real!

Please find below the video displayed in our immersive room, inside the FUTURE LAB area. It presents the main points of our study: "DECODING THE FUTURE OF FOOD”

Alim Avenir
About AlimAvenir: AlimAvenir is a business intelligence and trend forecasting agency that provides public and private bodies with independent expertise concerning changes in food behaviour, and permanently monitors the emerging trends in consumption, along with new products and services. Innovations are closely scrutinised through analysis, to assess their true development potential. You can follow AlimAvenir on Twitter  

Contact: [email protected]