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Boissons bio gourmandes en poudre


Boissons bio gourmandes en poudre - Organic milk drink mix. Just add water. Made in France.<br><br>Selected for the organic breakfast mix proposal.<br>


Organic milk drink mix. Just add water. Made in France.

Selected for the organic breakfast mix proposal.

Complementary information

Product type

  • Innovative product


Shelf life: in a cool and dry place. 12 Month(s)
CGM Packaging: 
  • box 300 g
  • box 450 g
  • box 330 g
Cooking advice: 
  • no specific cooking instructions
Launch date: 09/2018


REGILAIT - Dehydrated dairy ingredients (powders of milk, cheese, whey...)


REGILAIT is a subsidiary of two major French dairy cooperatives which collect milk from over 15,000 passionate and committed producers in France, making up 30 % of French milk production. Thanks to this position, REGILAIT benefits from a reliable milk supply as well as excellent traceability and quality. REGILAIT has ISO 22000, IFS and organic certifications. With over 70 years of experience and an international presence in over 60 countries, REGILAIT is the undisputed leader in granulated milk powders for consumers and for vending machines products. A major player in the evaporated milk and sweetened condensed milk market, REGILAIT is also a key figure in infant nutrition, offering a wide range of infant milk and baby milk and infant cereals. In addition, REGILAIT offers a range of spreads and a range of gourmet drinks.