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Press release

  • Idea for business - natural tea beverages

    29 June 2018

    Natural refreshing drinks based on tea extracts - this is the business idea of Ma¿gorzata Wujek and Micha¿ Borecki, the founders of Wild Grass, the producer of ChaiKola, ChaiMate and Sobear brands. ¿We decided to create the world's first natural cola made of tea." - say the owners. Today, the company's offer includes five carbonated beverages. The most important is ChaiKola (a combination of tea and kola nuts) and ChaiMate (energizing drink based on yerba mate). All of them are produced and bottled in Mazovia. ¿Our drinks are distinguished by their natural composition, lack of preservatives and original recipes. We have composed the flavors ourselves." - emphasizes Micha¿ Borecki. It all started in 2010, when the couple decided to move permanently from Warsaw to Bali. The plan did not work out, and the owners decided not to leave Indonesia until the idea for their own business was created. And this is how the Polish refreshing drink which today competes on the shelf with global concerns was created. ¿For three years we have been observing a dynamic growth in sales. In the last six months, we have tripled sales from 2017." - the owners say. Only in June the company sold 600,000 pcs. Now Wild Grass is preparing to conquer foreign markets. At the beginning, Polish beverages will appear in the Czech Republic and Ukraine. The next stage will be b2b negotiations with contractors from China. See the new episode of the "Idea for business" program.

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