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VIRTO GROUP - Frozen garlic

Poligono Industrial, Parcela C
31560 Azagra

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Vegetables, mixes, pulses, grains, ORGANIC products and ready meals with a vegetable base.


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  • Virto Group innovates in pack formats and ease of use

    07 August 2018

    Virto Group is a manufacturer of deep-frozen products, headquartered in Azagra, Spain and focuses on convenience products to make consumers lives easier.

    Its wide range of innovative products (organics too) includes vegetables, pulses, vegetable mixes, rice, pasta, grains and ready meals with a vegetable base. The Group has an international presence, and has 9 speciality centres in Spain - all located close to the growing areas and achieving the objective of no more than 3 hours passing from harvest to the deep-freezing process.

    The commitment to innovation has led Virto Group to incorporate new products into its catalogue, such as riced vegetables, mixes with fruits and grains (bulgur, buckwheat¿) - Quinoa highlights top amongst these. It got an innovation recognition last year thanks to its bi-pack microwaveable format that makes the product ready in just 2 minute. Quinoa is also available in 1 kilo bags with 5 single serve sachets inside (200 g each) which ensures the product keeps all its properties.

    Virto Group continuously works on not only new products but also finding new processes and ways to use them - ultimately making the consumers life easier. Today, the Group is developing new solutions to reduce cook times and ease of consumption, always ensuring the highest quality is guaranteed.

    Virto Group: healthy, fresh and deep-frozen.


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