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Press release

  • Urun Tarim

    01 August 2018

    Urun Tarim was established in the year 1974, by Mr. Latif OZBEK, as a manufacturing house of export for spices, culinary & medicinal herbs, edible seeds, nuts, etc., in IZMIR, which is still the heart of agricultural products.

    In the following years, the company URUN has become more experienced and well-known name in the market and it has reached a remarkable production & export capacity.

    While adjusting itself totally to its motto, NO COMPROMISE IN QUALITY, the company name has gained more reputation, which was/is and will be our main purpose and vision.

    The determination to reach utmost customer satisfaction by supplying the right quality along with in-time-shipment has added more and more value to the company, which has resulted with a significant reliability among our business partners, who have been growing in numbers repetitively.

    Ongoing investment in technology, state-of-art machinery, qualified staff and following closely the latest demands and trends, is our priority.

    Our never ending will for perfection is forcing us to push our limits, which creates everyday new business opportunities.

    New business opportunities effect high quality and quantity production for laurel leaves, oregano, sage, thyme, cistus, linden leaves with blossoms, rosemary, sumac, cumin, anise, fennel, nigella, fenugreek, coriander, sesame and poppy seeds, licorice roots, cherry stems, etc.

    Our wide range of products enable us to meet any required quality, quantity and packaging as well as being in accordance with the International Food Regulations which we prove by several certificates issued by the accredited authorities.

    Consequently, we have become an important global player in the market and invite you to experience the glamorous taste of collaborating with us.

    Interested parties, looking for a reliable supplier as URUN, are always most welcome.