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TARTUFLANGHE SRL - Fresh truffles

Stands :

5b M 205

Gourmet Foods

Localita' Catena Rossa 7
12040 Piobesi d'Alba




Present on the stand : CASA OLEARIA TAGGIASCA SRL

Press release


    31 July 2018

    Tartuflanghe is an artisan family business that produce Piedmontese specialties with truffles and gourmet products, with consistent high quality and the same attention to detail for 35 years. The name Tartuflanghe, created from the union of the Italian word for truffle, tartufo, and Langhe, is a testimony to our bond and roots with this extraordinary UNESCO World Heritage Site. Tartuflanghe has a 360° expertise in truffles, both as regards traditional products and in leveraging innovation. Over the years, the know-how in processing and re-interpreting the truffle has become a key feature of our company. Following our history, we believe in environment sustanability. This philosophy of respect for mother nature and environmental sustainability, has always played a fundamental role. In our state of-the-art factory, which now extends over 6500 square meters of kitchen space and laboratories, the energy used in the production process comes from the photovoltaic system located on the roof.

    The long Tartuflanghe history is starred of important recognitions. Underlining the extreme attention to the quality and safety of the products, the Piemonte region has conferred to Tartuflanghe the title of "Artisan Excellence" meanwhile plentiful teams of international experts have rewarded our products with important acknowledgments. Furthermore, since 2014, the company is also certified BRC FOOD - Global Standard for Food Safety and IFS FOOD - Quality Management and Food Safety System. The Bio product range (organic butter and oil with white truffle) has opened a new company chapter, with only organically certified ingredients and only with organic truffle from our woods. Tartuflanghe respect the environment and is committing to acquire new woods area in order to preserve territories in Langhe, Roero and Monferrato.