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TANEM NUTS - Dried apricots

Kozluk Mah. Ada San Cad. No:4

54172 Sakarya

Press release

  • Tanem Nuts

    06 July 2018

    Adalilar, founded in 1992, is a strong manufacturer of the EDIBLE NUTS such as sunflower seeds, hazelnut,

    pistachio, peanut etc. We are the pioneers in the improvement of the packet fresh nuts culturein Turkey and

    in the World through our experienced staff. We offer our quality products processed by high technology, filled

    with fresh and tasty `grains', with our fabulos brands TANEM, FREEZO, ADAMIGO, and some other Private Label

    Brands. With each brand, we provide special tastes solutions to meet different expectations. Our company

    produces daily around 800.000 packs in its manufacturing facility in Sakarya-TURKEY. We offer our products

    in a wide sales network, which goes over the Turkish market, reaching foreign markets from Africa to the

    Balkans and from Europe to Far East.

    For the purpose of processing natural edible nuts used in production to make it ready for end consumers,

    we established our new production facility on a total closed area of 6.000 square meters in 2012 with high

    technology, we suport our success and Works with high technology machinery line and certificates such

    as ISO 9001, ISO 22000 (HACCP), which have validity on international platforms, with the new production

    facility we reached to our main aim that is "hygiene", as a policy the production and the packaging are must

    be carried out untouched and under strictly hygienic conditions. With this new facility ADALILAR is aiming to

    transform its existing industrial know-how into future investments and is a candidate of becoming one of the

    most advanced facility of Turkey in the industry.We belive that the excitement which started with te first "ADALILAR/TANEM" branded retail shops launched

    in begining of 1997 in Sakarya will merge with the new production and inevestment areas to carry us to new