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SEH BIOTECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. - Wine, beer, cider, liquor and spirits

5F, No.226, Min Chuan Rd., Banqiao Dis
22050 New Taipei City



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  • SEH® Beverage Enhancer: Revolutionary Breakthrough in Food Technology

    01 October 2018

    The SEH® Beverage Enhancer uses the latest biotechnology to enhance the water quality in the beverage and provides an excellent anti-oxidation effect, including the Multi-Function Enhancer, Coffee Enhancer, and Tea Enhancer. The Multi-Function Enhancer is suitable for wine, sake, cider, vinegar, juice, and drinking water. The Coffee Enhancer can be applied to black coffee, drip coffee, or other types of coffee. The Tea Enhancer is suitable for black tea, oolong tea, green tea, pu'er tea, or other types of tea. In addition to delayed oxidation, the SEH® Beverage Enhancer enhances the flavor and quality of the beverage and contains no plasticizers, no heavy metals, no pesticides, and no microorganisms. The ingredients of the Enhancer are Aizia® energy water, salt, magnesium chloride, and citric acid. When using the Enhancer, make sure to drop 2 drops of the Enhancer in each 100ml cup of beverages and stir well before drinking.

    Dropping the SEH® Multi-Function Enhancer into red wine, sake, cider, vinegar, juice, or drinking water will preserve the freshness and enhance the quality of the beverage. For instance: only 2 drops of the Enhancer will amazingly upgrade a bottle of 100ml budget beverage to a better one with refined flavor and quality. Aside from that, 15 drops of this Enhancer can transform the taste of a bottle of 750ml budget wine, sake, or cider into mellow flavor which a high-quality liquor has. One 10ml of this Enhancer can be applied to sixteen bottles of 750ml red wine; this feature is apparently worth more than the cost. Additionally, dropping the SEH® Multi-Function Enhancer into budget apple vinegar, lemon vinegar, inexpensive Balsamic vinegar, or other types of vinegar will also upgrade the vinegars' quality to top. You can spend less and enjoy beverages with high value.

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