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SAYINLAR FOOD / TURNA OIL - Cottonseed oil

Taskopru Cad. No : 17 Nizip
27700 Gaziantep

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Press release


    27 July 2018

    Our factory owns modern and the latest technology plant and thus it produces 300 tons/day refined vegetable oils in the most hygienic conditions.

    In our factories,with the help of the automation system,which controls all the stages of production,the refining is carried out according to the characteristics of the raw material.Thus,the human mistake will be cut the minimum and the efficiency brought to the maximum.On the plant the production is carried out according to the international standards.

    We produce Crude Sunflower oil,Soybean oil,Canola Oil, Corn oil and Cottonseed oil; also Refined Sunflower oil,Soybean oil ,Canola Oil,Corn oil and Cottonseed oil which are packaged in 500cc,1lt,2lt,3lt,5lt Pet Bottle, 5lt,10lt,18lt Tin Bottle. Also we have production of all kind of olive oils which are packed in 250cc,500cc,1lt glass bottle and 5lt,10lt,18lt Tin Box.

    Our company have a strict quality controls system and in full compliance with ISO 22000-2005 Food Safety Management System Certificate, BRC Food Certificate, also we have TSE Certificates,ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System Certificate .

    50 % of oil is sold in domestic market and 50% are exported to 40 countries around the World such as; U.A.E, Qatar, South Korea, China, Japan, Hong-Kong, Singapore, Palestine, Iraq, Yemen, Bahrain, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Tanzania, Norway, Malta, Turkish Republics, Cyprus, Togo, Mauritius, Seychelles, Maldives, Malaysia, Russia Federation, Senegal, Ethiopia, Djibouti¿

    We are aiming to become an important brand for both the Turkish and the international markets by always presenting best quality products made in a healthy and hygienic environment.

    For more informations please visit our web site : www.turna.com.tr