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SAVOURSMITHS - Other sandwiches, snacks

Russell Smith Farms, College Farm
Grange Road

CB22 4QF Duxford



Present on the flag : UK PAVILION - PS8 - FDEA

Press release

  • Savoursmiths Luxury English Potato Crisps at Sial

    09 August 2018

    With SAVOURSMITHS (www.SAVOURSMITHS.com), we have created a potato

    crisp brand with audaciously luxurious crisps made with potatoes harvested from

    our own British farm in Cambridgeshire using only the finest ingredients. Our

    creative crisps are fuelled by the local fields and we are involved in the process

    from start to finish. Everything we do is made from scratch and we influence what is

    sown, when it is harvested and how our crisps get prepared. We hope that our

    attention to detail along the journey both informs and is reflected in our decadent

    potato crisps.

    Our business was founded by recently married couple and Colette and Mike

    Russell Smith, who moved back to the family farm and are now taking the business

    in a modern direction. Our objective is to build on the pioneering heritage of Russell

    Smith Farms and British Farming. Our family has been farming potatoes since 1938

    and understands the importance of traceability and sustainability, using accredited

    farming methods and championing sustainable agriculture to ensure culinary


    We wanted to go above and beyond cheese and onion and play with unashamedly

    flamboyant combinations, but at the same time, grow, hand pick and cook all our

    potatoes in small, carefully prepared batches to keep strict control over quality.

    There are so many astonishing flavours you can pair together that we were buoyed

    by the opportunity to play in this space. We love how the most luxurious ingredients

    and farm supplies translate so beautifully into a bag of crisps.

    Our range is available in five unique editions, each one created with decadent ingredients from across

    the globe, embracing new and exciting taste horizons. Bags are available in 40g, 150g and 300g sizes.

    Champers & Serrano Chilli

    Truffle and Rosemary

    Wagyu Beef with Honey & Mustard

    Parmesan and Port

    Desert Salt