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SALTEMPO SRL - Raw smoked meat items (bacon, lardons...)

Stands :

6 A 170

Cured and salted meats

Calea Prutului, Nr 87A
800205 Galati



Press release

  • Saltempo, delights from traditions!

    21 October 2018

    SALTEMPO is a company with long established experience with pork, beef, mutton and chicken meat processing. Throughout the years, SALTEMPO has constantly focused on both increasing the quality and diversity of its products.

    Located in the south-eastern part of Romania in Galati county between the rivers Prut, Siret and the Danube, SALTEMPO has developed throughout the years several product ranges inspired from Romanian tradition and the need to eat traditionally.

    The SALTEMPO range of products includes hams, bacons, specialties, sausages and hotdogs, bolognas, salamis, haggis, liver pates, vegetarian (meat substitute) products, pre-cooked grill products, dry aged products as well as butchery products, both chilled and frozen chopped meats.

    SALTEMPO prides itself with four distinct brands: "SALTEMPO - prospetime si savoare pentru fiecare", "SALTEMPO - delicii din traditii", "COSTACHE - bucate ca odinioara" and "APPETIT - gust deosebit". All brands are registered trade marks and are property of SALTEMPO.

    The SALTEMPO products have a flavor unique to the Romanian traditional style, are crafted from carefully selected cuts and latest generation technology and aim to satisfy the most demanding of tastes.

    The ability and capacity to create new products crafted after unique recipes and using natural ingredients has brought SALTEMPO to the attention of large national retailers that sell the products under their own brands.

    The SALTEMPO products are offered in either bulk or portioned and sliced depending on the selling market. The packaging is done under vacuum in protective atmosphere in casseroles or by thermoforming packages of various sizes which grants increased shelf life.

    SALTEMPO owns RO73CE veterinary certificates for intra-community trade and is has implemented a Quality Management System and Food Safety certified by Rina Simtex - the certification body for ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and IFS Food standards.

    SALTEMPO, delights from traditions!

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