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SALSICHARIA DO ALTO PAIVA LDA - Beef cuts, chilled or frozen

Zona Industrial de Vila Nova de Paiva
Lote 4

3650-207 Vila Nova de Paiva

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Present on the flag : PORTUGAL FOODS

Press release

  • Discover Portugues Meat

    27 September 2018

    Portuguese have for long been known for their love for good food and good wine. In recent years, our fish, pastry and wines have deserved the attention of buyers around the world. Most of these buyers have been surprised to know there is much more to learn about Portuguese food industry, discovering companies IFS quality certified, with a high degree of professionalism and the ability to tailor both product and packaging according with market requirements.

    We, at Grupo FTD, have seen the surprise in the buyer's eyes just recently. The FTD groupe was established in 2017 resulting from the merge of the companies Fumados do Douro and Salsicharia Tradicional do Alto Paiva, 2 companies with long tradition in fresh meat and processed meat in Portugal.

    Guided by the principles of innovation and IFS quality standards, the group operates in all areas of the meat business: slaughter house, processing and distribution of fresh meat, processing and distribution frozen meat, processing and distribution of cold cuts under our own brands and private labels.

    Today, the group is present modern distribution in Portugal and Spain, as well as 12 other international markets. FTD goal until 2020 is to consolidate presence in European markets with fresh, frozen and processed meat.