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REGIONE LOMBARDIA - Professionnal organizations, federations

Piazza Citta Di Lombardia 1
20124 Milano

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  • Regione Lombardia

    22 June 2018

    Known worldwide for fashion, design, industry, finance and publishing, Lombardy is also the most agricultural of Italian regions, occupying leading position in the production and transformation of milk, the cultivation of maize and rice and the rearing and genetic selection of cattle and pigs.

    Representing Lombardy agriculture are above all more than 300 gastronomic products that are protected and certified as designation of origin products, the fruit of hundreds of years of agricultural traditions and small farmer craftsmanship, handed down from generation to generation. A true treasure store of flavours, ranging from cheeses to wines, from honeys to cured meats, from vegetables to olive oil.

    This exhibition offers a short overview of typical Lombardy products and traditional recipes, intended above all for tourists, foreign operators and purchasers who would like to get to know both our region and, first and foremost, our Lombardy farming products and learn to distinguish them from the many imitations that unfortunately damage the image and credibility of Made in Italy food products.