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Pami SA

Pami  SA - Cocoa, cocoa butter and chocolate (dark, milk or white)

38, Kon. Karamanlis Ave
54639 Thessaloniki
Central Macedonia



Present on the flag : PROMO SOLUTION LTD

Press release


    17 September 2018

    PAMI S.A. is an Industry of Nut Products, Foodstuffs & Confectionery Raw Materials operating in North Greece for more than 30 years.

    Permanent objective of the Company and its People is to provide its customers with technologically advanced products of best quality and

    high nutritional value.

    Because of the extrovert character of the company, 70% of the production is being exported in over 25 countries. PAMI offers a range of high quality products for consumers under the brand name PAMI, which includes Hazelnut Cocoa Spreads, Chocolate Spreads, Peanut Butter, Dry nuts as well as a variety of other nut-based products. The long expertise of the company in its field provides the flexibility to adjust and optimize the products according to the requirements of each customer also for Private Label products. In order to serve the professionals - craft and industry- a confectionery raw materials line has been created under the brand name ARTEMI.


    ¿ Nut-based healthy snacks

    ¿ Nut-based healthy confectionery

    ¿ Nut & Chocolate Spreads branded PAMI

    ¿ Hazelnut Cocoa & Duo flavored Spreads branded PAMELLA & PAMELLINA

    ¿ Peanut Butter PAMI in 2 types, Smoothy & Crunchy

    ¿ Dry nuts PAMI

    ¿ Confectionery Raw Materials - ARTEMI

    -Fillings, Glazings, Coatings

    -Marzipan & Nut/Sugar Pastes

    -Bakestable Spreads

    -Nuts for confectionery applications