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Present on the flag : EXTENDA ANDALUSIA

Press release


    18 September 2018

    PESASUR newly launched ALASKA WILD SALMON FILLETS have been nominated at SIAL Innovation.

    Natural, Healthy, Authentic, Origin, Taste preservation, Simplicity are key criterias todays consumers are seeking in food products. They are also at the core of our product offering.

    For instance, our Mackerel Fillets and Bullet Tuna enjoy the status of European PGI since 2009, this is unique in our line of business.

    Also among other events, our Tuna fillets have received a "Great Taste Award" from the guild of fine food last year.

    When our customers tasked us to develop a "good" Salmon product that they couldnt find on the market, this posed some serious challenges as we mostly work local ingredients.

    We tested a variety of sources for Salmon, but only in the (more expensive) WILD Salmons we have found features consistent with our Natural, Simple, Healthy, Authentic guidelines. More specifically in Alsaka Wild Salmon, we have found what we needed.

    Among the feaures present on the packaging one can notice the "blue" sustainability label from MSC, the Marine Stewardship Council that is well appreciated by consumers (and also required by many retailers)

    Lastly the product nutrition profile naturally high in proteins and unsaturated fats is very functional for sports people. Several cycling teams have integrated our product in their diet as source of vitamin D and omega 3 fatty acids.

    Of course the absence of chemicals of the farmed equivalents is also a key requirement for these consumers.

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