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OKANDENIZ FLOUR AND OIL PLANTS - Other vegetal fats and oils, culinary or flavoured oils

Yildirim Mah. Degirmen Sok. No: 1
Hatip Mah. Sanayi Sok. No: 4/1

39751 Kirklareli

Press release


    07 August 2018

    The wheat, the most essential produce of Turkey, has been grown across Anatolia for twelve thousand years. Turkey occupies an important position among the largest wheat growing countries around the world.

    Okandeniz family, the wheat and sunflower supplier of the region for many years, initially delivered the quality raw materials needed by the sector, to the tables of the consumers, in reliability with its identity in grain business.

    Starting out the production in 1997 as OKANDENIZ UN ve GIDA SAN. TIC. A.S. with a capacity of processing 100 tons of wheat daily in Luleburgaz, one of the trading centres of Thrace, our plant has grown day by day and achieved the capacity of processing 350 tons of wheat/day today thanks to the investments it has made.

    Our meticulously selected products undergo quality control tests, physical, chemical and rheological analyses with a modern production approach beginning from the factory admission. Final products are cooked using the production samples; visual, physical and taste tests are performed in our test kitchen.Our company founded the oil plant in 2009 and started the oil production with a capacity of processing 200 tons of raw oil.

    OKANDENIZ FLOUR AND OIL PLANTS, carries out production for domestic market as well as export with R&D studies, innovation, product range and our plant holds the quality management certificates; ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005, BRC Global Standard for Food Safety and the Halal Certificate.

    OKANDENIZ FLOUR AND OIL PLANTS, has been delivering the premium products it procures from the productive and legendary soils in Thrace and Anatolia, to the tables worldwide, with confidence for 20 years¿