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    11 July 2018

    TEAHOUSE EXCLUSIVES - The living tradition of tea together with passion for the extraordinary. The Hamburg based pre-mium brand offers high quality teas in an innovative design totally in line with its guiding idea of "Passion and Tradition since 1879". Discover the exclusive assortment consisting of many different tea lines, more than 50 flavours in total and a very wide range of accessories.

    LUXURY TEA BAG: Tea experts appreciate the fleece tea bags, which are meticulously sewn by hand. They do not only offer the tea the room it needs to unfold, but also show the beautiful and carefully selected leaf teas. Individually wrapped to pro-tect the aromas, the tea is always fresh. The simple and practical portioning allows for full indulgence even if there is only a short moment to enjoy. Perfect for 400 ml tea pots as well as for TEAHOUSE EXCLUSIVES' 310 ml mugs.

    LUXURY LOOSE: Loose tea from TEAHOUSE EXCLUSIVES proudly presents its quality of coarsely chopped, exquisitely coloured and exceptional ingredients. The Flavour Bag provides the perfect storage. This zip lock bag with its simple but effective sealing mechanism does not only offer long-term aroma protection for the magical compositions with their intricate harmonies, but its window also allows a free view of its exclusive contents. The connoisseur can choose from 39 exquisite varieties of loose tea.


    Two lines of premium quality tea were created under the umbrella of TEAHOUSE EXCLUSIVES, combining passionate com-mitment and the highest quality standards of our 140-year-old family tradition: EVERYDAY TEA, a contemporary line that includes eight different flavours, wrapped into a stylish design for any time of day and any occasion, as well as ORGANIC TEA, a line consisting of eight certified-to-be-organic flavours in an equally elegant design. Both lines were already awarded with i.e. the iF Design Award 2015.

    Further information can be found here: www.teahouse-exclusives.com

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