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Manioca Amazonian Flavors


Present on the flag : APEX BRASIL

Press release


    31 August 2018

    Manioca is inspired by a history of love for the Amazon which began in the kitchen of La em Casa restaurant, in the hands of Paulo Martins, chef de cuisine of the region, who spent a life-time disseminating and valuing the gastrono-my, culture and biodiversity of the region.

    From this history, we inherited the creativity and tradition that were allied to researches to manufacture 100% natural products from local ingredients, everything in a new model of in-dustry that prioritizes the taste, the deve-lopment of local products and the maintenan-ce of the forest standing, creating a fair tra-ding chain to offer the most original Amazon flavors to the world.

    Delivering the most traditional pro-ducts and producing many creative others, Manioca has been sought by many foreign buyers and chefs as the Amazonian becomes one of the world most importants cuisines.