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Stands :

5C E 209


Karadenizliler Mah. Kullar Cad.
No: 361 Basiskele

41090 Kocaeli

Press release

  • Mesh Stick

    05 July 2018

    The teas and coffees that are selected by our tea and coffee experts from the most prestigious farms all around the world, are blended for your taste in this unique package.

    As soon as you place MeshStick with its brewing holes into hot water (above 90¿C),you will begin to witness the brewing action.

    After leaving the product in hot water for 3 to 5 minutes (according to taste) and stirring, you will experience the natural aroma and taste of the product.

    Our products:

    -Mesh stick tea and coffee products are prepared from premium quality ingredients and delivered to you in special packaging which has been tested stringently and is in full compliance with European Union (EU) Regulation 10/2011 and Turkish Food Codex regulations

    ¿Our Production Facility:

    -Our products are made in Kocaeli, Turkey

    -Our manufacturing facility is built exclusively for food production

    -Our production line is completely automated -there is no human intervention in the production process

    -Our company has ISO and HALAL certifications