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MBA CENTAR SARAJEVO - Wholewheat bread

Hasana Merdzanovica 3
71000 Sarajevo

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  • MBA CENTAR SARAJEVO - Making baking awesome

    21 September 2018

    MBA Centar Sarajevo is a family business. We are passionate food people, and have been since 1992. Quality, inspiration and innovation are the pillars of our success. As a result of our strong personal commitment to the client, we are able to offer superior products in terms of taste, design and reliable service.

    We are dedicated to promote ethical means of behaviour in our supply chain to ensure both people and environment are treated with respect.

    We are eco-efficient driven company. In our production, we make use of energy, water, food ingredients and packaging.

    We care about more than 130 employees. We appreciate the value of a diverse workforce and help our people to develop their talents.

    We produce products you can trust. We are transparent about our products and innovate to offer consumers better food choices and better life without compromising on taste.

    Quality management is one of the highest priority by our leaders. We follow Halal, HACCP, ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 standards so far. We are in process of getting IFS certification.

    We produce traditional food from Bosnia and Herzegovina in an innovative way and lounched them last year during Anuga fair. Burek, known all over the world, is supplied frozen, ready to eat and ready to bake.

    If you choose ready to eat burek - you are able to avoid worries or stress. Warm it up and taste it. In only 3 minutes you can enjoy in delicious snack, lunch or dinner.

    If you choose ready to bake burek, you are able to promote your personality in being the perfect chef and stand out.

    Besides burek, we export other Bosnian traditional products, such lepinja/somun, phyllo pastry or cakes in syrup, to many countries, from Australia to USA.

    Don't miss a chance to find us in the frozen hall. Taste our traditional products and experience joyful moments.