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  • Lutosa - new products

    19 October 2018

    - Coated Straightcut Fries: Our coated 3-way-cook fries are formulated and produced in a way that qualifies them for the A Nutri-Score labelling*, when prepared in the oven or in the airfryer. This new labelling system (developed by the French Health Authorities) facilitates the consumer's

    choice by providing a clear, unambiguous view on the nutritional values of a product.

    - Coated Skin-on Wedges: The Lutosa Cajun Wedges and Black Pepper & Salt Wedges are coated with a flavoured gluten-free batter, which gives them a nice, spicy taste and at the same time keeps them warmer longer.

    - Potato Crunchies: The redefined recipe of the tater tots by Lutosa to serve you a guiltless moment !

    Ideal potato bite as a snack or side dish.

    - Veggie Burger: The Lutosa Veggie Burger is made from shredded potatoes mixed with 7 wholesome

    vegetables (carrots, green beans, corn, red pepper, cauliflower and broccoli - in total 39%).They are shaped as a burger (but not bread crumbed, so as to keep them lighter) and pre-fried in high quality sunflower oil. They are ideal for vegetarians or as a flavourful, nutritious side dish.

    - Mini Pom'Churros: The Lutosa Mini Pom'Churros perfectly join the current snacking and tapas trends.

    The Mini Pom'Churros revisit the traditional sweet Spanish churros, but this time in a salty variant, based on a lightly seasoned mash made from flavourful Bintje potatoes.

    After the initial crispy bite, you will be melting by the smoothness of the inside.

    - Surf Potatoes: Fun, diversity and action! Originally-shaped, the Surf Potatoes guarantee extra crispiness

    thanks to their thin crinkle cut. Short, medium or long, it's also their colour which will please everyone, strengthened by the undeniable assets of the Xtra+ label.

    - Spicy Krisspy Fries: with Tex-Mex coating. Discover its original shape, beautiful colour and spicy taste !

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