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LA PIZZA+1 S.P.A. - Croutons

Via G. Galilei 11/13
29027 Gariga di Podenzano (PC)


Present on the flag : ITA - ITALIAN TRADE AGENCY

Press release

  • La Pizza +1 is coming to SIAL 2018 with innovative new products oriented to modern consumers' needs

    18 September 2018

    With special guest Michelin-starred chef Chiappini Dattilo, the Italian company will be offering a preview of its new products: Tostami® Focaccia, Traditional Focaccia with Quinoa and Organic Pizza Margherita with sliced cherry tomatoes.

    In the world of bakery products La Pizza +1 has successfully shown how the quality of artisan products can be combined with modern industrial production. A short production chain of close and trusted suppliers, the meticulous selection of raw materials, fresh products, and food safety: these are the foundations of La Pizza +1, the Italian market leader in the production of fresh pizza and focaccia. La Pizza +1 offers a professional service to the main mass retail chains as well as supplying hotels, restaurants, cafes and the kitchens of Italy's biggest catering companies.


    Tostami® Focaccia for toasting is the ideal solution for those who want a quick, delicious and tasty snack. Already cut into slices, can be filled as you prefer, ready to be toasted/grilled/cooked in the oven or in a pan. With extra virgin olive oil only, preservatives-free and alcohol free. Packaged in transparent trays, to store refrigerated. A tasty natural and incredibly great snack.

    Traditional Focaccia with Quinoa source of fibre, made exclusively with extra virgin olive oil and preservatives-free. Shelf-stable product, ready to be enjoyed at room temperature, or you can reheat it in the oven, in a pan or under the grill to get a wonderful aroma and even more intense and distinctive flavour.

    La Pizza +1 has not forgotten about the importance of organic food, using strictly certified ingredients to create the Organic Pizza Margherita with sliced cherry tomatoes (chilled). A new and distinctive proposal to exploit the emerging trends and boost your sales in the chilled category.

    LA PIZZA+1: HALL 1; STAND 1G 083-081

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