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LA DARIA - Other italian soft cheese (cow milk)

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7 H 071

Dairy products, eggs

Via Nemesiano Zona PIP
76123 Andria



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    20 October 2018

    La Daria is the new face of Caseificio Andriese, a family-run business which has been present in the dairy industry for 25 years. As specialist retailers under Francesco Addario's supervision, in 2002 the Addario family decided to become producers of the goods they merchandised.

    That is how Caseificio Andriese came about, a brand of excellence as regards typical and traditional Apulian cheeses. Its range of products offers to the market delightful new specialities.

    The Burrata Gourmet "La Daria" is an innovative delicious product made of selected ingredients whose processing method, applying innovative technologies to traditional techniques, follows strict production policies to ensure maximum food safety. Production takes place in a dedicated area within the company's premises. After having been selected, analysed and pasteurized, milk is curdled and moved to a white room where two different processes are carried out: the first process is based on the spinning, forming and cooling phases to create stretchy strings of paste (sfilacci), then UHT cream is added to obtain a creamy fresh filling (stracciatella); the second process involves preparing the bag of spun paste (pasta filata) and filling it with stracciatella. The distinctive apical closing bundle clearly reveals the craftsmanship behind this product. Thanks to the recipe used by "La Daria", this delectable soft cheese combines the freshness of pasta filata with the savoury taste of its filling, pampering the palate with a unique delicacy. The Burrata Gourmet "La Daria" is a first-of-its-kind high-end product due to extensive research on both natural conservation methods and the exclusive use of certified Italian milk. Moreover, "La Daria" pays great attention to consumers who follow a vegetarian diet using a milk's microbial coagulant which is fully compliant with their ethical choices.