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35735 Izmir

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    03 July 2018

    Hipermak Food Packaging Machinery Industries Ltd. Co. is a global player in full automated packaging machinery manifacturing. Packaging machines manufactured by Hipermak can make filling for powder and granule products in different basis weights.

    Operating in ¿zmir Kemalpa¿a Ulucak producion facilities since 2004, the company makes exports to European countries like United Kingdom, Belgium and also to Middle and North Africa, Middle East regions. With its modern machinery, executing all production phases within the scope of company itself, Hipermak serves to customers like Eczac¿ba¿¿, Pastavilla.

    With its expert personnel, technical staff and experienced service team, Hipermak continues to grow day by day. Putting customer satisfaction, customer need and demands in the first place, Hipermak also supports R&D projects with participation of all its employees. Providing wordclass goods and services, Hipermak is a main actor in the sector with its fully automated packaging machines.

    Hipermak's SV5000 can be shown as an example to smart machinery not only for increasing its speed performance in terms of PPM but also for monitoring and decreasing commissioning time. It is working remotely. This intermittent VFFS machine uses Cam profiles for softening the jaw for mechanical smoothness. Using Machine Builder Libraries which fasten the commissioning adding options makes the machine more user friendly. PackML inside enables by computing with ISA88 standards gives us a standardization in monitoring of the machine' s states as well as required performance data. Dynamix enables us to use preventive diagnostics as hardware therefore end users can make a downtime planning via using this function. Remote monitoring is active for checking the status of the machine from wireless environment.