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  • Introducing Googly Fruit Organic

    01 July 2018

    At Googly Fruit Organic life is all about having fun and encouraging the little ones  to become the biggest fruit and veg fans. In the words of co-founder Natacha  Neumann "We are on a mission to improve the eating habits of future  generations". A mission, which Alexander and Natacha Neumann, with their team  of 70 cheeky employees, have been driving since 2010. After years of working as managers in the  food industry, they decided against climbing the corporate ladder. Instead, they chose to realize  their dream by starting a sustainable and value-driven company. This was the moment that the  Freche Freunde were born. The company quickly grew to become a leader in the German  children's snack industry, and in 2016 a sister brand, destined for international markets, was  founded under the name of Googly Fruit Organic. Googly Fruit Organic offers a range of cheeky  products in English packaging, and recently started launching its best selling products in French,  Spanish, Dutch, Danish and Italian packaging, too. Freche Freunde and Googly Fruit Organic stand  for yummy snacks for on-the-go that introduce kids to a lifelong friendship with fruit and veg.  

    How does that work?  With a whole lot of fun, and cheeky characters like Bob Banana and Suzy Strawberry, who are not  only the main characters in songs, books and videos, but are also key product ingredients and  images. The Berlin start-up has a  wide range of 100% organic fruit and veg snacks, which have been distributed to over 10.000  organic stores, supermarkets and drug stores in Germany and across the world.  

    As young parents who want only the best for their  three children, Alex and Natacha Neumann know  how important it is to do responsible business. For  this reason, they go beyond their mission to have a  positive influence on children's eating habits, and  actively work to decrease their environmental  footprint.