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Georgian Nectar


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Present on the flag : LEPL Enterprise Georgia

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  • Georgian Nectar LLC

    12 July 2018

    GN was founded in 2007 as a specialized direct manufacturer and exporter in beverage industry, currently based in Georgia. Fruits and Vegetables Sourcing 100% from Ecologically Clean Villages and Forests of Georgia. For the country's special geographical location, climatic and soil conditions in Caucasus region Georgian Fruits and Vegetables are beneficial for health and characterized with unique taste. Our goal is to provide high quality products to distributors and wholesalers. GN is achieving success by identifying and partnering with international distributors and wholesalers in the USA, Australia and Europe under their private label since 2007. With a focus on natural, healthy and beauty, GN is pursuing to provide more drinks that can be enjoyed by all.

    Company Advantages:

    ¿ Oriented on Natural Farming

    ¿ Direct Manufacturer since 2007

    ¿ Focused on products that are good for health & beauty

    ¿ 10 years in World Wide Markets - USA, EU, Australia

    ¿ Aimed on Low Prices

    ¿ 100% export oriented

    ¿ Adequately covered with Product Liability Insurance

    ¿ Tested by the FDA and Australian, EU Authorities

    ¿ Certificates: ISO 9001-2008, HACCP

    Product Advantages:

    ¿ Freshly Squeezed

    ¿ Not From Concentrate

    ¿ Ecologically Clean, Natural Product

    ¿ No Added Artificial Coloring

    ¿ No Added Artificial Flavors

    ¿ GMO Free

    ¿ Shelf Life: 2 years

    ¿ Tested by the FDA, Australian, EU Authorities

    ¿Adequately covered with Product Liability Insurance