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GUNES YAMANLAR - Cocoa, cocoa butter and chocolate (dark, milk or white)

Kozluk Mah. Kozluk Cad. No:42
54200 Sakarya


Press release

  • Gunes

    15 November 2018

    Our company was founded for the production of sesame oil, halva, hard candy, jam and Turkish delightby Mukaddes and Cetin Yaman in 1942. With the participation of other family member, the company developed as unlimited company. In the year of 1993, it turned out to be joint stoch company and now, with the participation of 3rd generation, it is "small and medium size enterprice(KOBI)".

    Our company specialized in the production and packaging of starch. Our facility is 8500 m2 closed and 32.000 m2 open area. Our facility is inspected by independent institutions informed or uninformed way.

    Our company develops new projects for the improvement of new products (pudings, cacao, whipped cream etc)

    Our company has ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System and HACCP Food Safety Management System.