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GOURMET GROUP - Tomato and derived items (concentrate, puree, dried, powder...)

A.Cobanisa Mah. Kasaba Cad.
No:46 Sehzadeler

45060 Manisa

Press release


    26 June 2018

    Our production plant was established in 2008 in the heart of fresh and delicious vegetables Aegean region Turkey. Our capacity is over 2000 metric tons per year in just one shift a day. We export all over the world, Europe and Far East including Japan bringing us among the biggest producers of Turkey and world in our expertise segment. A Grade BRC quality management systems keep our high hygiene standards safe together with High Care / Low Care segregation. We provide tastes beyond expectations thanks to our wide product range and flexible packaging options. We are together with you with our delicious tastes, competitive prices and professional team.