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Press release

  • Flavourtech

    01 July 2018

    FlavourTech has been creating convenience foods and beverages,focusing on exceptional quality and taste for over a quarter of a century.The company strives to be continuously inventive,addressing trends and expectations and evolving with the pace of its dynamic and global market.The company has been a proud participant of SIAL since 1998.

    We create delicious,attractive and affordable food and drink products that customers everywhere love.We focus on developing strong brands that are exceptional for quality,taste and affordability.

    We're global but we think local.We're based in Turkey, where east meets west,with a network of operations and service centres worldwide,including the US and Europe.

    Consumers worldwide love our products.Because we listen to the consumers,we delight them with what they want.Brand loyalty is strong.What's also strong is our attitude to partnership.We strive hard to be excellent partners,and we're proud of our authentic,profitable,commercial relationships.

    We take the extra mile to give our customers an edge over their competition.We support them all the way to meeting objectives and exceeding expectations,backed by modern production base and equipment and friendly working environment.We never lose sight of our aim to affirm our position as the preferred choice for a long-term cooperation.

    In our pursuit of making things better,we will keep surprising the market with an inimitable thinking.Curiosity,passion and integrity are the building blocks in our DNA.

    Our loyal,skilful and dedicated team employs the ambition to impress with trustworthy attitude and outstanding products. This turns the company into a global player in the Shelf Stable Food Products category,yet remaining modest and having a true empathy for valuable relationships.

    Our products are infused with the voices of our customers and partners.We ask local communities what they'd like and what would help them.Then we integrate these insights into every stage of production.

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