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FEYSOL NATURE - Other products

P I Parque Metropolitano
C/ Los Rubiales, 7-9

18130 Escuzar


Present on the flag : EXTENDA ANDALUSIA

Press release

  • Honey's Lovers

    27 July 2018

    Feysol Nature Honey's help you in your project, selecting and processing honey as you need, regarding your market and clients expectations.

    The team marketing provide technical supports very useful especially for new honey's actors or new products commercialization.

    we try to develop friendly long term relationship with our clients based on cooperation.

    We are now present in more than 20 country's and have built strong sales relations around the world. we are looking for more partners to work with on strategic markets and also on new growing markets.

    the production is divided into 4 brands:

    Henry's Honey's is a traditional Honey for the whole family

    Oroney Honey's is organic and totally committed with sustainable development. The hives are placed in the national park far away from industrial site and intensive agriculture.

    Emir Nazari Honey's are produced regarding the most ancestral habits. well adapted for ethnics markets in terms of taste and marketing.

    Jardines de la Alhambra Honey's witch are the finest and purest honey from the Sierra Nevada UNESCO world heritage national park. The family started in 1944 a small production in one of the most exclusive location in the world.

    Come and visit us and share with us your passion for quality Honey's!