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ERPILIC & BOLCA HINDI - Frozen turkey escalope, steak

Stands :

6 K 048

Fresh poultry and game

Doganci Mah. Mudurnu Yolu
7. Km Merkez

14100 Bolu

Press release


    11 July 2018

    Erpilic modern integrated production facilities in European Union standards.Turkey's 4th largest chicken breeder.Production capacity of 10% of the chicken production in Turkey.It is one of the top 100 industrial establishments in Turkey.Erpilic integrated production facilities are a giant organization with 400 thousand chick cutting capacity per day. In Erpilic, all 400 thousand chickens are produced with 100% Dry Pluck and 100% Cutting by Hand process.Breeders, Hatcheries, Feed Factories and Slaughterhouses combine quality and taste with high technological infrastructure and structure in EU standards. Erpilic adds social and economic value to Turkey with its 1414 contract manufacturers, 210 subcontractor subcontractors, 93 frigrophic, 117 livestock transport, high quality standards with ISO 22000, ISO 18001-2008, ISO 14001, ISO 9001-2008, TSE Certificate, TSE HELAL Certificate, GIMDES Halal Food certificates, 61 fodder transport and fleet of 2750 people consisting of young and qualified staff.It offers its consumers 100% health, flavor, hygiene, quality and confidence in its products in 70 national dealers and many sales points as well as in big national chain markets and local market chains in Turkey.In Dry Pluck method, applied by Erpilic for the first time in Turkey, hot water boiler is no longer used to soften the hair of chicks. In the method of Dry Pluck, since the chickens are not immersed in the same hot water boiler, bacteria,dusts and necassets which may cause cross contamination between the chickens by contaminating each other with water, do not lead to negative transitions and a more hygienic product is obtained.

    Bolca Hindi is Turkey's largest turkey processing plant with 22 years of experience in its sector. The integrated facility in Bolu has an annual catch rate of 1 million turkeys and a market share of 27 percent. The annual turkey meat production capacity of "Bolca Hindi", of which 230 people worked, was 15,700 tons in 2017.