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ELAYO - Mixes for pastry and bread improvers

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5b J 246

Gourmet Foods

Calle Almendro 37
23670 Jaen

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Press release

  • ELAYO LAUNCHES NEW UNIQUE PRODUCTS IN SIAL PARIS: Olive Seed, Olive Oil Caviar, Olive Oil Spread, Kalamata Caviar and Tapenade Caviar

    31 July 2018

    Jaén, Spain - July 31, 2018-Elayo's vision is to turn tradition into innovation by developing a greater understanding of the olive tree as a whole and the sector processes involved in production. This R+D projects results in unique products launched to the market. Our main business areas are:

    - Products obtained from the Olive Pit

    Elayo is the only manufacturing plant in the world extracting Olive Seeds from the Olive Pit. Seeds contain a high concentration of polyphenols and antioxidants, with an additionally high level of quality dietary fiber. The seed itself can be consumed as a topping for both sweet and savory baked goods, used in bread dough and even toasted and caramelized to create an unusual and healthy ice cream or chocolate topping.

    - Other products obtained from the Olive Seed

    Olive Seed Flour and Olive Seed Oil are obtained after a pressing process. Due to the nice flavor and healthy benefits (rich in proteins, fiber and Omega-3 acids), Olive Seed Flour is used in: bakery, mixed with spices or salt, confectionery, sauces, etc.

    Olive Seed Oil is being added as an aroma and functional ingredient and used in cosmetics.

    - Encapsulation of Oils (Olive Oil Caviar)

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil Pearls made with a new technology in which the olive oil is encapsulated in a thin layer of natural, vegan alginate. It is a special gourmet product that creates an explosion of flavor by releasing the content. Other next launches here in SIAL are: Kalamata Caviar made with the best olives and Tapenade Caviar. There are other encapsulated products available like: Extra Virgin Olive Oils with Flavors, Vinegars, Fruits, etc.

    - Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spread:

    Made with 90% Extra Virgin Olive Oil trans-fats free and suitable for vegans. There also a version of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Jam with no sugar and all benefits of the olive oil.

    - Oils with aromas:

    Extra Virgin Olive Oils with aromas made with a special technology that keeps the flavor longer and improves the taste.

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