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Press release


    10 July 2018

    Since 1935, Duru Bulgur has been offering high quality, tasty and healthy bulgur.

    Duru Bulgur has a delicious, natural flavour that is the result of using only high quality wheat and our traditional stone milling process.

    Duru Bulgur is easy to cook and can be ready in 15 minutes. This versatile product can be used to make a variety of recipes from favorites such as Tabbouleh to delicious summer and winter meals and side dishes.

    Duru Bulgur is rich in fiber and has a low glycemic index.

    Duru Bulgur is also offering other product lines:

    - Duru Dual - bulgur mixes with chickpeas, green lentils, mushroom, freekeh - an easy and fast way to cook a healthy meal

    - Duru Lival - figh protein, high fiber products

    - Duru Pratik - boiled chickpeas and beans preserved in a healthy packing pouch for safe used.

    Visit our booth for healthy, plant-originated, high fiber, high quality products.