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Chocolette confectionary

Chocolette confectionary - Praline chocolate

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Gourmet Foods

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Press release

  • Chocolate pleasure with guilt feeling? No more guilty pleasures! RED chocolate - 50% less calories!

    20 July 2018

    RED. Discover the new generation of chocolate. We reduced calories and decreased fat. No more guilty pleasures. Let your passion for chocolate be a delight. Delicious and light.

    Changing lifestyle: the market is changing. Healthy food is getting more popular each day. It's not a trend anymore, but a lifestyle choice for consumers.

    Our selling proposition for distributors and retail: Our product attracts new consumers who do not buy chocolate because they are looking for healthier alternatives. They will increase the confectionery category.

    Chocolette Confectionary is the manufacturer of an innovative chocolate concept branded "RED".

    RED chocolate has significantly reduced calories and no added sugar. Our main advantage that RED not only is healthier and more natural than any competitive product available on the market - RED has also a delicious and balanced taste. We have developed a proprietary technology delivering these two core success factors.

    We managed to reduce up to 50% calories in our chocolate compared to other chocolates.

    We replaced sugar with natural sweeteners (erythritol, maltitol and stevia), at the same time we reduced significantly the fat content. As a result, there is only 17 kcal in 1 piece of our dark chocolate!

    The range of RED chocolate assortments includes:

    Dark chocolate, 299kcal per 100g

    Dark chocolate with orange and almonds, 305kcal per 100g

    Extra dark chocolate, 345kcal per 100g

    Milk chocolate with hazelnuts and macadamia nuts, 384kcal per 100g

    Milk chocolate with smooth melting nut filling, 378kcal per 100g

    Milk chocolate pralines with smooth melting nut filling, 388kcal per 100g

    More info: http://www.chocolette.com