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CRZ  MAKINA - Dried apricots

Bozburun Mah. 7154 Sok. No: 9

20020 Denizli


Press release


    17 July 2018

    CRZ Machine was founded in Denizli by Mr. Ahmet Yilmaz and serves the sector of nuts manufacturing since 1982. CRZ Machine relies on its experienced expert employees in order to produce products according to highest international standards.

    CRZ Machine company offers machines for roasting, salting, drying etc. and provides warranty services to lead companies in the nuts manufacturing field around the world. Our products are produced in accordance with CE, ISO 9001:2008 quality standards. All used parts for machine production are selected by exclusive world brands and they have world standarts certificates. Having high roasting and drying capability, our machines work in accordance with the food codex. Additionally, due to the possibility of homogenously roasting through air circulation process, our machines are used produce products with perfect taste and long shelf life.


    Increasing our present reputation, which has been gained through design, development and production of high-tech nut processing machines and hence increasing our market share. In order to reach this aim, our main philosophy is developing, manufacturing and putting into service new products, which meet clients' requirements, and providing customer contentment within the intended life cycle of the machines without swerving from the quality.


    Our mission is to research, develop and manufacture the highest quality nuts processing machines in accordance with the national and international customer requirements. While providing these services and keeping the customer satisfaction as a top priority, we strive to develop and offer products with the latest techologies used in the field, thus offering machines which will meet and exceed customers' expectations.