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  • Nouri truffles combines health and indulgence

    01 September 2018

    Only a few months after its launch, Nouri truffles has expanded internationally, has been awarded the prestigious SIAL INNOVATION Selection 2018 and can be found in the mini bars of some of the top hotels in the world, alongside other popular treats.

    The brand unites health and indulgence in its vegan, sugar free and gluten free truffles, but the real differentiating point is its luxurious presentation and delicious taste.

    The idea of the creators was to give people a healthier yet equally indulgent alternative to the standard truffles and chocolates we usually find in confectionery isles.

    The range consists of three flavour combinations - Matcha Green Tea, Coconut & Chia Seeds and Chocolate & Hazelnut. Furthermore, after the successful launch of the brand, recently there has been introduced a luxury gift box of 16 truffles, that includes the very special Sesame, Cardamom and Turmeric truffle.

    The brand's slogan 'Nourish your body, indulge your soul' pretty much sums up the company ethos which surrounds the belief that we should all be able to eat delicious and indulgent foods whilst simultaneously giving our body all the nourishment it needs.

    Created by the same company that manufactures the healthy and premium ice cream brand Coppa della Maga, their new brand Nouri truffles follows the same philosophy and brings you health and indulgence combined!