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Bazzar - Other candied fruits

R. Antunes Maciel 68
Sao Cristovão

20940010 Rio-de-Janeiro


Present on the flag : APEX BRASIL

Press release

  • BAZZAR: gourmet food line with a carioca DNA

    28 August 2018

    BAZZAR: gourmet food line with a carioca DNA

    Four years after exports started, the BAZZAR group - which includes three restaurants and a factory, all of them in Rio de Janeiro - celebrates the success of its launch strategy, in 2006: to create the first genuine Brazilian gourmet export brand. To accomplish this, BAZZAR launches products - 20 items today - that reinforce the carioca lifestyle. From açaí, plenty in the city's juice bars, to coffee and even goiabada and bananada, two desserts eaten in Rio since the colonial times.

    This year, the big news of the brand are the Cashew Apple Vinaigrette, a ready to eat dressing for salads, and the Brazilian Moqueca Sauce, the only one produced, to this day, without any additives and with 100% natural coconut milk. Also the first of its kind to use cocoa pulp in its recipe. Versatile, it's perfect for vegan dishes, fishes and seafood.

    First to France, in 2012. Next to United States and United Kingdom. Even to Japan went the jars containing ready to eat sauces, toppings and desserts of the 100% Brazilian gourmet brand BAZZAR. The points of sale of the BAZZAR family, today, include the Urban Market network in Williamsburg, the e-commerce Try the World, the giants Le Bon Marché (France), Harrod's and Marks & Spencer, in the English capital.

    In the Brazilian market BAZZAR provides to roughly 300 clients (delis, local markets and the main Brazilian supermarkets) and is found in more than 800 points of sale. To adopt eco-friendly materials - 100% recyclable - like glass is a priority of the brand, aligned with the sustainability and the demands of the world market. Another premise is to work with small certified producers, in that way stimulating the local economy of Rio de Janeiro.