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BETA-PAK - Packaging machines

Anadolu mah.
Yildirim Beyazit cad. n° 72

34275 Istanbul


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Press release


    27 June 2018

    It is a new generation thermoform machine that was developed as a result of Research &Development studies by Betapak engineers.This is an ideal machine for such production activities especially as the production of dairy products prioritizing hygiene and sterile production. It also reduces the unit cost per pack by minimizing the number of wastages of folios, thanks to its special cutting unit. The production environment inside the closed cabinet is supported with a hepa filter. The quality of the air used in forming unit is provited by extra sterilizing the air. The air used in forming unit of the machine is used after being sterilized by a 3 stage filter. In forming, filling and cutting units operate based on the servo engine application. It is possible to fill in liquid and granulated products at all levels of viscosity. A special CIP application can be carried out in the filling unit.

    Perforated and multi cutting applications can be carried out in the cutting unit in different ways. The machine exit can be equipped with an automatic robotic filling system. First, Carriages moved by compressed air with vents to pick the plain boxes from box storage, square them and push them in the motorized driving belts while folding the bottom flaps & sealing them with the tape sealer inside of Automatic case erector unit. Packs are put on conveyor properly with vacuum operated dropping system. Then packs are carried under the Robot by motorized roller conveyor. Robot fills up the boxes with packs, (separator can be placed upon customer request). Finally Motorized roller conveyor transfers filled boxes to the case sealer unit and case sealer unit gets boxes out by sealing the top. Boxes are ready for being alined onto the pallet.